“Massage therapy has been a consistent piece of my health management for over 25 years and Ivey is one of the best therapists that I’ve been lucky enough to find. Learning the techniques to acquire a license is one thing, but someone like Ivey is a rare find because she is highly skilled AND brings a calm and peaceful energy, listens to her clients, and is professional yet personal in approach. She blends what she learns from your pre-massage chat into a massage that is specifically developed for you…for today. Anyone that has had numerous massages can relate to the difference between a formatted-to-clock experience and one in which you truly feel you’ve done something holistically good for your body and mind. Her massage room is beautiful, tranquil, and void of outside noise. Very reasonable fee schedule, easy parking, and excellent location. You will not be disappointed.”
– S.S., Deep River, CT

“If you’re looking for a therapeutic massage, I would highly recommend Ivey Gianetti. I began seeing Ivey because I was experiencing chronic shoulder pain and numbness in my arm and fingers. Ivey listened to my concerns and customized each of my massages to meet my needs and over several sessions she was able to resolve my issues. She promotes a relaxing atmosphere and in my opinion is a true healer. She is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for her clients. She even took the time to show me some stretching exercises to prevent my problem from recurring. I have experienced wonderful results and would highly recommend her service!”
– M.S., Niantic​, CT

“You can always tell an artist who loves her work: she loves detail; she loves the nuances of her subjects; she loves the human body. I believe that every week we are different, especially in little ways. And there is Ivey tuning into those differences, turning them around, receptive to our bodies strengths and needs. Ivey Gianetti’s artistry happens to be of the human body, and by extension of her sensitivity to the human body, her artistry includes the human spirit. She is wondrous the way she can search out just those areas of our selves that need quiet but happy attention. She helps me to feel better about each day. She is an interested and attentive and a caring practitioner of Massage Therapy. I say Massage Therapy with an eye to the word Therapy. She reaches inside of me, calms me, gives me confidence, allows me to allow her to work on me as a ceramist works on her wheel. I try to see Ivey once every week. By the sixth day I am feeling the stress of the week build up and I look forward to the seventh day when this artist saves my life, or at least leads me to a more mindful and more centered life.”

– T.N., Chester, CT

“Just went to Ivey for the first time and am wowed. She is professional, a listener and thorough. Her massage studio is pristine and thoughtfully arranged. I am so relieved to find such a pro. Looking forward to my next appointment.”

– L.G., Haddam, CT

“I had a deep tissue massage today with Ivey. It was excellent! She did an awesome job locating the tight spots and working them out. I feel completely relaxed and balanced.” 

– R.M., Deep River, CT

“I LOVE Ivey’s work. Not only is she technically knowledgeable and wonderfully skilled at what she does, her calm and caring energy makes you relaxed just being around her. Whether I go for relaxing stress relief or I really need a knot worked out, Ivey is my go to gal. Her massages are a regularly scheduled part of my mental, physical and spiritual health care regimen. Highly recommended.” 

– J.J., Ivoryton

“Highly intuitive, focused and strong hands! Five stars!”

– K.W., Chester, CT

“I just received an amazing pregnancy massage from Ivey! This is my second massage from her and both times she was very accommodating and ensured my comfort during the entire service. Even at 38 weeks pregnant I was so comfortable and relaxed. I can’t wait to experience a massage from Ivey after I have give birth to my little guy!”

– S.F.​, Chester, CT

“I had a great massage! Very relaxing and nice room, highly recommended!”
– R.D., New Zealand

“Had such a fantastic massage from Ivey Gianetti tonight. She is truly talented and quite the miracle worker! My back hasn’t felt better in weeeeeeeks!!!!”

– J.J.,  Ivoryton, CT

“Ivey’s great hands, talent and knowledge are known to all of her clients, and I’m happy to be one of them!”

– J.W., Chester, CT

“Ivey has wonderful hands, and a strong, soothing, healing energy. Highly recommended!”

– D.F., Oregon

“Awesome technique and a great space to be in.”

– T. K., Chester, CT

“Thanks for another fantastic massage, Ivey. Just what I needed after snowboarding!” 

– J.J., Ivoryton, CT